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Over the past 6 months, we have been exploring different stories and insights from colleagues across our group of specialist businesses to showcase the difference they make and the valuable contributions they bring.

Our next story comes from Leo Souza, a cleaning supervisor in Canary Wharf, London. In his role, Leo is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the exceptional cleaning team. Leo became a part of the Churchill team in 2015, initially joining as a cleaning operative. His potential was quickly recognized, leading to his rapid promotion to the role of cleaning supervisor.

Leo’s story…

The start of each day for Leo begins with a manual headcount of everyone in the building, a task that involves tracking over 1000 individuals. While he has a routine in place, this crucial step can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, laying the foundation for the rest of his day.

Exceeding expectations comes naturally to Leo. During his morning floor walk, he not only identifies areas of focus for his cleaning team but also utilises the opportunity to report back to the client regarding potential challenges or obstacles in areas beyond his control. His commitment ensures that the client’s environment is optimised for the individuals using the space.

People are at the heart of Leo’s work, and it’s one of the aspects he cherishes most about his role. Engaging with others, fostering relationships, and actively moving around meeting people are what he enjoys most so the prospect of spending the day behind a desk wouldn’t suit his dynamic approach to work.

Leo takes responsibility for ensuring that all team members have the necessary resources to fulfil their roles. At times, this sees him go above and beyond to support them. For instance, when the evening supervisor returned from vacation and was overwhelmed, Leo took the initiative to organise their team’s shift patterns and rearrange tasks to accommodate sickness and staff shortages. This small act of kindness took away some of the stress and strain the evening supervisor was under and helped the team work better together.

Leo’s proactive approach also extends to the client. When he noticed that the recycling systems in the building weren’t operating optimally, he took the initiative to conduct his own audits. Through in-depth analysis, he identified areas for improvement and presented these findings to the client, helping to facilitate necessary adjustments. Leo’s hands-on approach not only contributed to cost efficiency but also aligned with the client’s environmental and sustainability goals, which are important aspects for him.

The role keeps Leo on his toes, requiring him to regularly adapt and react to situations on short notice. For instance, when there was recent building work in the space, Leo had to quickly arrange for additional cleaning teams to make the area usable. He often volunteers for additional shifts and evening work to ensure that tasks are completed, and the client’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

Leo’s commitment and proactive approach make a significant difference not only to his team, where he provides support and ensures they have the necessary resources but also to the client. His continuous efforts to enhance the working environment demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

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Look out for the next blog in our series of ‘making a difference’ and find out more about our colleagues and their roles within the Churchill team.


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