Our Approach

You’re choosing a professional cleaning partner more than just a service


Our cleaning approach is guided by science, and we leverage data to offer valuable insights into the health of your workspace.

At Portfolio, we understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment for your employees and visitors. That’s why our cleaning processes are backed by scientific research and industry best practices. Through our meticulous cleaning methods, we not only create a spotless space but also gather valuable data along the way.


We use several methods to foster strong communication with our team members, ensuring a sense of connection from the moment they join us and throughout their everyday journey.

Before our team members even begin their employment, we strive to establish a supportive and welcoming environment. We keep them informed and engaged through various channels, such as emails, phone calls, or virtual meetings. This ensures that they have all the necessary information and feel connected to our organization from day one.

Once they are part of our team, we continue to foster communication through various means. Whether it’s regular team meetings, online collaboration platforms, or dedicated communication channels, we make it a priority to provide avenues for interaction, feedback, and sharing of ideas. We believe that every team member’s voice matters, and we actively encourage them to contribute and participate in shaping our collective success.


Our well-being initiatives are designed to address the holistic needs of our team members, including physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We provide resources, workshops, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles, stress management, work-life balance, and personal growth.

Additionally, our engagement initiatives aim to cultivate a sense of purpose, connection, and fulfilment within our team. We encourage open communication, collaboration, and empowerment, allowing our employees to have a voice and actively contribute to our shared goals. We also recognise and celebrate achievements and milestones, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition.


We collaborate with leading supply partners to consistently bring innovative and fresh perspectives to our work.

We understand that staying ahead of the curve and embracing new ideas is essential in delivering exceptional service to our clients. That’s why we have cultivated relationships with the best supply partners in the industry. These partnerships allow us to tap into their expertise, knowledge, and cutting-edge solutions.


We have a dedicated mobilisation team that ensures a seamless transition from day one, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of your unique challenges.

At Portfolio, we are committed to building a strong foundation right from the start. Our dedicated mobilisation team is here to support you throughout the transition process, providing expertise, guidance, and a thorough understanding of your unique challenges. Together, we will achieve success and create a partnership that thrives.


We believe in the power of customisation, and our approach is centred around delivering exactly what you require to achieve success.

We understand that every client is unique, with specific requirements and expectations. That’s why we prioritise a thorough understanding of your needs from the very beginning. By actively listening and engaging in open communication, we gather valuable insights into your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes.


At Portfolio, we are proud to invest in our people because we understand that their success is our success. When our team members thrive, our organisation thrives.

By investing in our people, we create a team that is motivated, engaged, and committed to delivering exceptional results. Their growth and fulfilment directly translate into the high-quality service we provide to our clients, as they go above and beyond to exceed expectations.


We have a deep understanding of how to work in an agile manner, ensuring that we neither underdeliver nor overdeliver.

We recognise that finding the right balance is crucial when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs. That’s why we adopt an agile approach that allows us to be flexible and responsive, adapting to evolving requirements while maintaining a high level of efficiency.


We believe in creating shift patterns that open up opportunities for individuals who can only work certain hours, thus attracting a diverse pool of talent.

By offering flexible shift options, we attract a greater pool of talented individuals who may have otherwise been unable to pursue employment with traditional fixed-hour roles. This approach enables us to tap into a diverse talent pool, bringing in individuals with unique skills, experiences, and perspectives.


We ensure that our managers have a manageable number of contracts to oversee, allowing them to dedicate more time to being on-site with team members and customers.

Having fewer contracts to oversee allows our managers to be more present on-site, actively supporting and guiding our team members. They can provide hands-on assistance, address any concerns or challenges, and ensure that our services are delivered to the highest standards. This direct involvement fosters a sense of collaboration, trust, and open communication within our teams.

Additionally, our managers have more time to engage with our customers, building strong partnerships and understanding their unique needs. By being readily available, they can proactively address any issues, gather feedback, and continuously improve our service delivery to exceed customer expectations.